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Mortgages for Residents

If you plan to buy a home at any time during your residency, this is THE loan for you. No limits on experience.

Mortgages for Fellows

Find and secure your dream home for your fellowship. We have loans to meet your needs.

Mortgages for Attendings


You have experience and time on your side. We have excellent loan options for MD, DO and DDS healthcare professionals.

What's the difference?

The benefits of physicians mortgages

Zero Downpayment

Physician mortgages require very little to no downpayment. This means you can get into a home for a lot less money than it would take other types of borrowers. The extra savings helps put you in a beneficial position so that you don't have to deplete your savings just to move into your new home.

Future Income Consideration

We look at your future income vs your past income. Typical mortgages require the average of your last 2 years of employment and use that as your basis. However, we understand that often times a new or recent contract provides you with a higher income level and it's rather secure so we can even get your approved for financing before you've begun working at a new location.

Student Loan Consideration

Student loans are often a barrier because they create a high debt to income ratio, our physician-based mortgage programs can factor those out of the equation allowing you to qualify for a larger mortgage amount.

No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI is a monthly fee that lenders add to your mortgage in case you default on your loan. The amount varies but is typically 0.5% to 1% of the entire loan amount on an annual basis. So in other words, a $300k mortgage could force the homeowner to add an additional $250/mo fee to their mortgage. The PMI is typically added to any mortgage where the borrower doesn't put down at least 20%. Fortunately, our underwriters have eliminated PMI for our physician-based mortgage products - allowing you to put as little as zero down and still not pay for PMI.

Getting into your new home is just a click away

From the time you apply for your physician home mortgage loan, until the day you close and get the keys to your new home, our specially trained and experienced staff manages and oversees the entire loan process, schedule a free consultation today to get started.